Architectural Design

3D landscape design that gives you a vision of the possibilities for your outdoor space.

Architectural landscape design is a 3D design rendering that is more complex than a point perspective plan. The 3D rendering is customized from the ground up and starts with building the existing structures on your property like your house and grading. Then, Bobby K builds all the landscaping features into the plan.

The result is a landscape design that you can navigate from any angle. Want a birds-eye view? No problem. You can look down on your yard from overhead to see how the plan comes together. Want to walk from the front yard to the back? With a 3D architectural landscape design plan, you can see every angle of the design to get a feel for the project scope.

Everything is measured to scale for an easy install. And the plan is super easy to follow. Besides the 3D design, you will get a 2D overhead view and a complete plant guide with names, quantities, and suggested sizes.

What Could Your House Look Like?

When you think about your outdoor space, what do you dream about? Do you think about sitting around a fire on chilly nights? Maybe you are a master griller, and you want a custom outdoor kitchen. Perhaps you want to escape the stress of the workweek by relaxing next to a bubbling stream or breathing in the smell of fresh flowers.

Bobby K can make your vision a reality. With more than 15 years of hands-on installation experience and a Masters in Landscape Design, he creates customized landscape design plans that incorporate your wishlist items. Furthermore, as soon as you have your architectural landscape design plan, you can pass it along to your installer (if it's not Bobby) or take it to the garden store (if you are a DIYer).

You will receive the architectural landscape design plan to make the dreams for your outdoor space a reality. It's never been this easy to get started on creating your perfect space.

To learn more about how landscaping can transform your home, check out Bobby K’s portfolio, where you’ll find real-life examples of his work. You can also visit our YouTube channel and sign up for landscaping tips delivered straight to your inbox.

Getting A Landscape Design Plan is as Easy!

Watch the video to see how Bobby K takes the guesswork out of your landscape design ideas! Nothing will be lost in translation, and you will find the decision-making process to be quicker and easier.

To get started, Bobby K will take measurements of your outdoor space as well as existing structures. Photos are helpful during this stage so he can customize the terrain. Then, we will add elements from your wishlist into the design. From hardscaping to plantings, everything is measured to size, so you get a realistic view of the possibilities.

When he’s finished with your landscape design, you will get a 3D design as well as a 2D overhead view and a complete supply list that you can immediately take to the store, hand over to your installers, or we can use it to help you find the best landscaper in your area.

Using Bobby K Designs means there are no surprises, only excitement and confidence!

Types of Designs

Point Perspective

A point perspective design is a design implemented over a provided photo of the space. It is a clear Before and After digital representation of the space.


An architectural design is a 3D computer generated design that is custom built to represent a specific area of the house and landscaping. The advantage of this design Is that multiple perspective points are produced showing the space and it’s entirety.

Master Plan

A master plan is a fully Comprehensive design that showcases the entire property. It is architecturally built and comes with a 2D plan that also includes a plant guide.


About Bobby K

Bobby K's passion is to connect people to their homes. Your design is guaranteed to be custom to you and your specific needs. He goes above and beyond to continually learn the latest landscape design and technology, as well as provide VIP customer service and a view of your finished product before construction ever begins.

Bobby K is unlike any other landscape designer. Not only does he have a Masters in Landscape Design, but he was also the owner of Rescue Landscaping for over 15 years. Bobby K mixes his hands-on experience with his design expertise to craft plans that are not just affordable, sustainable, but also functional and achievable. With Bobby K Designs, you will have no surprises and won't hear the installers say they can't do something.

Using our custom design services takes away the uncertainty of your project and will give you confidence in your landscaping investment.

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