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Professional landscape design takes training, a careful eye, and a listening ear. If you are a contractor or home designer, Bobby K will collaborate with you to design custom outdoor spaces that are both functional and beautiful for your clients.

With more than 15 years of hands-on install experience in addition to his landscape design expertise, Bobby K has the knowledge to take your projects to the next level. Working the Bobby K is easy and his flexibility is unmatched.

Partners across the United States, as well as internationally, have trusted Bobby K with their outdoor spaces. If you’re looking to outsource your landscaping design work, we are more than ready to help you enhance your next project.

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Home Designers

Integrating indoor and outdoor spaces so that they flow from one to the other is a sign of great design. From planning to installation, Bobby K will help you expand your client’s living space to the outdoors with smooth transitions and beautiful views.



You have designed the perfect structure, and now it’s time to add the final touches to the property to show it off. Merging structures with the natural landscape is one of Bobby K’s specialties. Working together, we will bring the vision of your grand plan to life.


Landscape Installers

With over 15 years in the field, Bobby K’s designs make the installation process streamlined and seamless. He will provide you with a design that not only elevates your portfolio, but is easy to implement. On top of that, Bobby K is looking to refer projects to trusted installers.


Home Builders

Attract buyers to your new community or property with impressive outdoor landscaping. Bobby K can mockup of what a property might look like for prospective buyers, during the build to finish a property, as an add-on to a home buying package, or a bonus gift as part of closing.



Curb appeal and selling a property go hand-in-hand. Bobby K helps Realtors in two ways. On the seller side, designs attached to a listing show potential buyers what the property will look like without doing all the work. For buyers considering a property, they can see the potential before they buy.


Industry Experts

No matter your industry, if you deal with landscaping, partnering with Bobby K will help ensure everything goes smoothly. By working with a trusted professional who has years of experience, you can skip the headaches, worry less about the delivery time, and make your life a lot easier.

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Point Perspective Architectural Design Master Plan

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About Bobby K

Bobby K’s passion is to connect people to their homes. Your design is guaranteed to be custom to you and your specific needs. He goes above and beyond to continually learn the latest landscape trends and technology. Bobby K will provide you with a VIP customer experience and a view of your finished product before construction ever begins.

Bobby K is unlike any other landscape designer. Not only does he have a degree in Landscape Design from the New York Institute of Art & Design, but he also is the owner of Rescue Landscaping for over 15 years which specializes in landscape Installs. Bobby K utilizes his hands-on experience in conjunction with his design expertise to craft clear, easy-to-follow, and installable landscape design plans. With a  Bobby K Design plan, there will be no surprises.  Your plan will be easy-to-follow, installable, and custom to you.

Utilizing our design services takes the uncertainty of your project away and provides confidence in your landscaping investment.

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