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What Could Your House Look Like?

Do you want a landscape that stands out, improve curb appeal, fully enjoy your property, and increase value? Have you put it off because you're just not sure what the finished project will look like? With Bobby K Designs, receive the landscaping of your dreams and see it before construction begins.

It’s never been this effortless to get started on your new landscaping design. Choose your landscape design package, upload a photo of your house, and Bobby K Designs will create a custom design just for you!

We offer three different types of design - Point Perspective, Architecture, and Master Plans. Check out the links below to learn more about each of these types of designs.

Point Perspective

A point perspective design is a design implemented over a provided photo of the space. It is a clear Before and After digital representation of the space.


An architectural design is a 3D computer generated design that is custom built to represent a specific area of the house and landscaping. The advantage of this design Is that multiple perspective points are produced showing the space and it’s entirety.

Master Plan

A master plan is a fully Comprehensive design that showcases the entire property. It is architecturally built and comes with a 2D plan that also includes a plant guide.

How It Works

It's time to take all the guesswork out of your landscape design ideas! Once you provide a photo of your house and your preferences, Bobby K puts it all together with our design expertise, and provide you with a design of exactly what your new landscaping and outdoor living features will look like set among your home and property characteristics.

At that time, you can choose to take the drawing to your landscaper, use it to receive landscaping bids, or we can work with you to find the best landscaper in your area to make your outdoor living space dreams come true. Utilizing Bobby K Designs means there are no surprises; only excitement and confidence!

Why Choose Bobby K Designs

In today's technological world, there is no reason to forgo the outdoor area of your dreams due to the uncertainty of the finished product. Whether you are a real estate developer, a real estate agent, a commercial investor, or a homeowner looking to increase your property's value and add outdoor living at its finest, Bobby K Designs can help you speed up the process and feel confident in your vision.

Clients around the nation reach out to Bobby K for his specialized landscape features and creative designs that elevate what might otherwise be a typical outdoor patio to an all-seasons awe-inspiring living area – they know Bobby K always go the extra mile to make even difficult visions a reality.

Not Quite Sure?

Still questioning if Bobby K is the right Landscape Designer for you? Schedule a 30 minute one-on-one video conference with Bobby K. He will chat with you about your project providing you confidence that Bobby K is the Landscape Designer for you!

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